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Installation conditions of LED solar street lamp


  The integrated solar street lamp is a lamp which integrates LED street lamp cap, solar panel, storage battery, controller system, control system control charging and discharging mode and microwave controller or human body sensor; the back of the lamp is the solar panel, that is, the side facing the sky after installation, and the front of the lamp is the sensor and LED light source; The lamp body contains a controller and a battery; the battery inside the integrated solar street lamp adopts a more durable lithium battery with stronger power storage capacity to replace the split type lead-acid battery which is bulky and has a short life; the solar panel configuration of the integrated solar street lamp adopts a monocrystalline silicon solar panel with higher conversion rate and longer life; Rural areas occupy more than half of China's geographical territory. Now, in order to change the rural appearance, the new rural construction is in full swing. Rural LED solar street lamp is one of the important lighting products in the new rural construction. The installation conditions of rural solar street lamps also have requirements for geographical location. In order to make LED solar street lamps work normally and efficiently, the installation conditions of rural street lamps must meet the requirements.

  The roads in rural areas are generally narrow, so it is not necessary to choose a large wattage for solar street lamp. When choosing the light source for solar street lamps in rural areas, 20-40 watts is generally enough. If the road is narrow and only used for lighting, 20 watts is enough. Generally, different choices are made according to the width and usage of the road. For example, most solar street lamps installed in rural areas are 30 Watts, followed by 20 watts and 40 watts. Generally, the lighting time is all night, and then the lighting time is clear It will be rainy days. The longer the solar power conversion circuit, the longer the solar power conversion circuit.

  1. The suitable area of solar street lamp is limited by altitude. Ordinary solar street lamp is suitable for the area with altitude less than 2000 meters, that is, the whole plain area of central and eastern China. Because the altitude will also affect the use of batteries and lines.

  2. Solar street lamp is best used at - 20 ℃ - 40 ℃, too high temperature can not work normally, low temperature will slow it down.

  3. The wind resistance grade of solar street lamp is grade 12, that is, it will not be damaged within grade 12 wind, so it should be able to be used normally in China.

  4. The seismic grade of solar street lamp is grade 8, and it will be damaged only in case of a great earthquake. Normal areas don't cause problems.

  5. Solar streetlights can be used normally in areas where the humidity cannot exceed 80%. If the humidity exceeds 80%, the electronic components will be affected by moisture and the connection will be unstable, which will affect the lighting system.

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